2017: From Glory to Glory

nikola_mihaylov_kozi_dol_church_transfiguration_iconThis year, the last Sunday of Camp falls on the Feast of the Transfiguration, the day when we celebrate how Jesus’s appearance was transformed on the mountain, and his disciples saw him in his heavenly glory.  You can read the story in Matthew 17:1-8.

Since glory is the order of the day, it seems like a good year to learn this very fine hymn, written by Charles Humphreys and usually sung to a tune by Gustav Holst.  The hymn is actually a free translation of some words from the Divine Liturgy of St James, which is the oldest complete rite for Holy Communion still in use in the Church today.  If you’re interested in such things, you can read the whole rite here.  (The words on which the hymn is based appear almost at the end, in section XLVIII.)


From glory to glory advancing, we praise thee, O Lord;

Thy Name with the Father and Spirit be ever adored.

From strength unto strength we go forward on Sion’s highway,

To appear before God in the city of infinite day.


Thanksgiving and glory and worship and blessing and love,

One heart and one song have the saints upon earth and above.

O Lord, evermore to thy servants thy presence be nigh;

Ever fit us by service on earth for thy service on high.